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Iā€™m Emily McAllister. Founder and creator of Explore - YOU - Thrive. I am an explorer at heart, whether it is nature or exploring new ideas. This website is about providing you tools to help you know yourself, love yourself and thrive. Part of that journey could include coaching. If you are interested in coaching let me know. If not please utilize all the other tools provided as you work on this powerful journey of self discovery. If you are interested in coaching here are some details about me to know.

I started out coaching as a Lifestyle Coach focused on wellness for a Diabetes Prevention Program. I was certified through that program and trained on various coaching techniques. I coached hundreds of people during this time from very diverse backgrounds.   I am fascinated by how people think and what will help us get to the results we desire in our lives.  Whatever we are focused on, whether it is weight loss, money, fitness, relationships or our business, the one component remains the same and that is we are in charge of our choices.  I have studied several methods and models that have proven effective in my own and others lives and I have integrated these into my coaching practice.  I truly believe that when you know and love yourself, it becomes the foundation for showing up in meaningful and powerful ways.

My method is really about the following:

1. Identifying where you are currently 

2. Working with you to determine your desired results

3. Providing you with skills and tools to understand your motivation, identify your thoughts, direct your feelings and reach the actions that will create the result you desire

4.  Teach you how to coach yourself, 

5. Continue to provide support and guided coaching as needed that helps you to get to those desired results. 

Whatever you decide is your best use of this website or these services my hope is that you will find your way to what your inner compass. That you will learn how amazing you are and find ways to love that amazing person, now and as you journey towards the future.

It is going to be a great adventure!!